Thursday, April 4, 2002

john mayer!!!

i am going to see john mayer today. i am so excited i can hardly stand it. seriously, since buying his cd on a fluke, i've fallen totally in love with his music, and to be seeing him live (and at the the fillmore, no less) is so so cool.

and did i mention that he's hot?? i'm going to try and get my camera in to the show... i'll try to take some photos and post them tomorrow.

damn, i really want to do the friday five but i can't get onto the page. damn!


paisley said...

woohoo! have fun for me :) - and again i must say this site is so utterly cute!

dramabug said...

paisley, are you a john mayer fan too?? if you are you should check out the john mayer trading page. he allows taping and his live shows are really great! ;-)

leblanc said...

make up your own friday five, sista.

marisa said...

let me know what you thought of norah jones... i haven't heard much john mayer, but i heard a song of norah jones' the other day and i read in the paper that she's opened for him at the fillmore last night.