Tuesday, April 2, 2002

look! i'm britney!

look! i'm britney!
(stolen from ericalynn)

ok, i wasn't going to post this, but then i saw what my results were... hahahaha! (you know, i was britney in that emode quiz too... are we noticing a trend here?

you're britney spears! face it, ya got it made. you're sexy and popular, and have tons of people craving to be you. Sure, you've got some enemies out there, but you've also got a lot of people wishing they were with you. you're the kind of person who knows you're hot, and you're not afraid to go all out to prove it.

What Kind of Pop Princess Are You?


jeff said...

Because we share the same birthday, I thought I would visit your site. I don't know which is more cute, your site or you...