Sunday, March 31, 2002

easter... phew!

bombings, police standoffs, car accidents and war.... happy easter, everyone.

i am not happy about the stuff going on in israel right now. we have family friends who live there, and my best friend was planning on going there for school next year. d, like i said... not allowed! although if things keep going the way they are i doubt they'll even be having classes. plus, on top of the bombings and all that shit, there were, like 2 police standoffs in norcal today, and a fourth-grader at my dad's school died in a car accident. bummer, dude

anyway, easter. my day was remarkably similar to last year... up at 5 am to get ready for sunrise service, breakfast at church, nap, and dinner in santa cruz. i didn't eat any easter candy... the only sweets i had were a few chocolate covered cahsews from marini's. mmm. although i do think i'm going to have to break down and buy a cadbury egg before they dissapear until next year. those things are so damn good... it's a good thing they aren't around all the time!

i saw my friend grant at church today... and i haven't seen him in a long time, so that was nice. since he's been away at college he's been getting into jamband music, which is great because it means i'll have another show buddy this summer!!

tomorrow me and my sister are going to see lord of the rings, becasue she hasn't seen it yet. i'm looking forward to seeing it again... and in the theater, no less! i didn't even know it was still playing. i guess if i'm going to be sitting through a three hour movie, i should get some sleep. ;-)


d said...

yeah, i know. i'm finally feeling really weird about my plans. they haven't really changed, though, not yet. if i go, it's gonna be like this: sit at home, go to class, go back home. i just won't go out. i know that sounds ridiculous but, well, that just might be how it'll have to be!
i'm hoping this is the climax. something has to give. it's getting out of control. it can't go on like this and i feel something major will happen, which i hope will lead to resolution. we'll see.
i'm totally sick today and skipped all my afternoon classes after suffering through an hour and a half of english this morning. need to go to sleep. think i have a stomach bug. ugh.