Thursday, March 21, 2002


so i'm super annoyed, because the sore throat that i've had for a few days decided to attack my vocal cords last night. this wouldn't be so bad, because it means i can have a day or two where i can not talk to people and have a good excuse for not doing so, but i work in phone sales. you can't do phone sales without a voice. so i'm here in front of my computer, instead of being at work, making the money that i need really badly. i'm hoping that it gets better in the next hour or two, so i can go in for at least a half day. in the meantime, hopefully i can get some work done around here... my room is kinda messy. ;-)

I really want to redesign, but i'm lacking in inspiration. i may just do a really simple, in-between sort of thing just so i don't have to look at the pink anymore. ;-)