Tuesday, March 19, 2002

need sleep!

i swear to god, as soon as i'm done writing this entry, i'm going to go to sleep. i've been staying up until all hours of the night just because i don't feel tired, but then i have to get up and go to work and it suuuucks. so tonight, the goal is 8 hours of sleep. i think it's a good goal.

tonight my housmates and i actually had dinner together. jean was making lasagna, so i made some cornbread and brown sugar peaches for dessert and we pigged out. it was great... we're all really busy, so we don't get to have dinner together often.

let's see. i just signed up to participate in burn, baby burn, a blogger cd swap. what can i say.. i'm obsessed with making mixes. this one is going to be a real challenege... the cd is supposed to have a summer theme. i'm currently trying to think of a creative way to do that... i'm sure i'll come up with something good. i'm great at making mixes, if i do say so myself, so it should be fun.

by process of elimination, i'm pretty damn sure that movable type 2.0 is going to be released tomorrow. hmmm... a prize to anyone who can guess what i'll be doing tomorrow night! ;-)

and a final note to d, and everyone else, actually: please continue to 'waste my comment space with drivel'. i know i'm terrible at following up on comments (and writing e-mails, for that matter), but i read them all... they make me happy. so keep it up, people!