Tuesday, August 23, 2005

bad day

i realized last night that when transferring my files to my new computer, i neglected to back up my fonts folder. so YEARS worth of fonts (i had more than 500) are all gone. like, POOF. luckily my massive collection was limited to free fonts, so i didn't lose money per se, but DMAN, am i pissed. now i'm scouring free fonts sites to try to get back the ones i actually remember the names of.

then i had an excruciatingly lame/ boring day at work, and found out my boss, who i *adore*, is leaving. then i had to go fill up my gas tank (UGH), but still came home with plans to be productive. i start making dinner (chicken and mushroom quesedilla, yum) and proceed to slice my finger open. LOVELY.

i think i'll crawl into bed now.


trace said...

poor baby! that is terrible! =(

liz said...

Maybe you should call me...I'll cheer you up!