Saturday, October 9, 2004



THAT is a great white shark. I took that photo. That is a photo i took of a LIVE GREAT WHITE SHARK.

seriously, if you live in northern california, it's worth the trip. besides the obvious fact that the aquarium is a cool place, but looking the only great white shark on exhibit in the WORLD is pretty fucking awesome.

ok, maybe i shouldn't call it a great white shark, because it really isn't that big (4 ft long), but dude, it looked just like jaws. freaky black eyes, and mean looking.

the funny thing was, there were these big signs in the room that said "NO FLASH PHOTOS" becasue the flashes bother the fish. on top of that, there was a guy in the room answering questions in a mic, and he kept saying, "no flash photos, please." and these dumb motherfuckers who don't know how to work their cameras kept taking FLASH PHOTOS and every time that happened, the whole room would collectively berate them.

so that photo is grainy and blurry becasue i took it in a dark room with NO FLASH. thank goodness for photoshop! (although it is time for a new camera, because when i got right up to the tank, the shark swam right in front of me and when i pushed the shutter, it took a good second and a half before the photo took, and by then all i had was blue. grr.)


meegan said...

shark's eyes always creep me out. awesome picture!!

donz said...

eek to sharks. was watching finding nemo the other day and the sharks were funny. hee.