Wednesday, July 7, 2004

want want

totally filched from meegan.

material things i want
becasue world peace is a given, silly!

- a maid. for real.
- a new computer, with a dvd burner and flat panel monitor.
- a new wardrobe
- every single eyeshadow from bare escentuals
- a new digital camera
- a full time job with benefits and vacation time
- a 40 gig ipod
- a blue mini ipod (two is better than one, yo.)
- a trip to see Phish's last shows in VT
- diana krall tickets
- a printer that works and won't break after 1 year
- X-files on dvd, seasons 7-9
- the OC on dvd (not out yet, grr)
- a TiVo for my bedroom
- Netflix
- enough $$ so i could buy every book and CD i want
- that spanish-style house i'm obsessed with


d dogg said...

And WHEEEE! you just got the BEST "want" on this list. The job!!! CONGRATS!!!!