Tuesday, July 6, 2004

long time listener, first time caller!

DUDE, tonight i was on loveline.


i've been listeneing to loveline for years, so i was so totally excited to get through. i called with a germany or florida story, and was on the air within 10 minutes of getting through. if you listen to loveline on the east coast, or somewhere where they delay it for a day, you can listen tomorrow around 10:30, and you'll hear me!

germany or florida is a game they play on loveline based on the theory that all truly freaky news stories happen in either germany or florida. here's my story. do you have a guess?


A get-rich-quick scheme backfired on a couple when a man put his girlfriend's daughter up for auction on eBay. He posted a picture of a girl along a description saying "you can play with her," a line adding a level of creepiness excessive even for a child-selling situation. A concerned eBay user saw the auction, presumably while in the market for "little girls", and contacted local police. The auction was shut down after a few hours as the policies of eBay forbid the selling of children or children parts.


D said...

Oh my, oh my! Not only does your blog have a new look, but you were on Loveline! How cool is that! Do you have any good news on the job interview you want to add? :)

donz said...

YOU ARE MY HERO. Long live Loveline! Long live Adam & Drew!! They're stupe for hassling you re: Santa Cruz... pretty damn funny, though!!! You are waaaaay too cool for me. I bow. :-)
love ya!!!

DukeUniversitykid said...

Sweet! I heard you! That was a good story. Loveline is awesome!