Wednesday, May 12, 2004

I'm freeeeee

i just paid off both my credit cards.


i don't have much money in my checking account now, but i'd rather have less money and no debt than lots of money and lots of debt.

so now my balances are at zero on the plastic, and i paid my mom back the 400 bucks that i owe her, and i have just barely enough to cover my bills and i'm totally happy.

plus, my best freind D is in town and we got to hang out yesterday, so we did a bit of shopping. the last few times i've gone clothes shopping i've had really bad luck, so i was expecting no less yesterday. but lo and behold! I got a tank top, a navy velour hoodie and a pair of flip flops at old navy, a pink halter tank top at the gap, and a really cute black knit top at bananna republic for $20!! i felt bad every time i wrote a check, but i haven't bought any new clothes for months.

so basically i'm trading clothes for a new printer. i bought an HP deskjet 3820 almost 2 years ago, and i broke a few days ago. i could get a new one, or i could dissasemble it, mail the broken part to england to get fixed, and live without a computer for a few weeks. since the difference in cost is about 80 bucks, i'll go with the latter.

on the Idol front, I'm gald LaToyas is gone. she is a fantastic singer, i'll give her that. she's really really good. but to be honest, i usually zipped right by her when i watched idol becasue she was BORING. it was like she was a robot in a girl's body... she sang very well, but there was no emotion, no personal investment in the songs, and that's what makes a great singer. you have to hear the emotion dripping off every note, and she was... well, not doing that.

< disclaimer > for the love of god, people, don't leave me a gazillion, poorly spelled comments about how i'm the world's worst person becasue i don't like LaToya. i don't like her! and you're not going to change my mind! so there! < /disclaimer >