Saturday, December 6, 2003

newness all around!

i started my new job yesterday, and it was 8 hours filled with smiling too much (face still hurts, ow), repeating the same phrases over and over (how are you today? did you find everything you were looking for? credit or debit?), and really, really sore feet.

and i loved every minute of it!!

i've never worked for such a big place before - the store is really really big and there are something like 25 or 30 people that work there. i've already met a few super nice people, a guy who doesn't cashier but offered to answer any questions i had, a girl who has been there longer than me and is annoyed that i got to learn the register on my first day when no one has trained her yet, and all the managers are so cool and don't get annoyed when i interrupt them with really stupid questions.

the thing i hated the most about my old job was the sales, and thankfully there's none of that pressure now. just ringing things up and taking people's money. ;-)

obviously i have a new design. i was so excited when i found that mermaid over at stock stash (link on the left... i'm lazy) that i had to make somethign with it immediately. ;-) my theory is that i used to post a lot when i had designs i loved (like strawberry shortcake). lately i've been making really lo-fi layouts, and they never kept my interest very long. i guess i just need color and pictures. ;-)

one final thought: while christmas shopping, please stay calm. the person ringing you up is not your personal punching bag, they are not going slow on purpose, maybe it is their first day! be nice to them - it will give you good karma.


mom said...

i love your new design.....and i love you

d said...

i like-a the new-a design.
i am up to my tits in snow here. it needs to melt, NOW. ha, it just got here.
ok. gotta talk to you soon and hear all about the new job!

Addie said...

Congrats on getting a job you like! And I do love the new look...