Wednesday, December 10, 2003

dear lexus,

your advertizing team should be shot.

or at least fired.

your 'decemebr to remeber' commercials are the most asenine thing i've ever seen, not to mention the single most annoying holiday commercial ever. you know, the one where, like, the dog comes up and there's a key around it's neck, and then there's a lexus in the snowy driveway with a gigantic red bow on it. i mean, COME ON, PEOPLE! a car as a gift would be a nice thing, but not very many people would go out and buy a car without discussing it with their sig. other or something. i dont' know if it's that assumption that pisses me off more or the giant fucking red bow.

< /rant >


D said...

Bwahaha. You must have been in my mind when I saw that damned commercial tonight. Annoying-assed commercial!

Shasta MacNasty said...

Annoying indeed! And you know why? Because they KNOW that on top of the fact most people can't afford a Lexus, they create the need for you to buy one anyway by saying, "If you don't have one of these in the driveway for your loved one, you're a loser."
Now THAT pisses me off.

donz said...

I concur. Stupe commercial. The dumbest part is, it's sitting in the driveway. How did it get there without her seeing it before she does? I think *I* would notice if there were a strange car sitting in my driveway...?
Note to world: I am not opposed, however, to receiving gifts of cars from perfect strangers. And I have a lovely driveway.
5 days til i'm home, shams!

Shawn said...

Don't you just to gag when they come on? I know I do.