Friday, October 31, 2003

love that L.A. feeling

after weeks of anticipation, i'm FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY on vacation! the waether here in Hollywood is beautiful, i'm helping some friends move, and mentally preparing myself for the hollywood carnival tonight. i've decided to go as little red riding hood yet again - i'ts a different variation on the costume i usually wear, though. i'm still not sure. i have a few hours left to decide.

not smoke or fires visible form here, although i was tricked on the way down yesterday... over santa barbara there were a lot of grey clouds that looked a lot like smoke. i'm onnly worried about orange county - all the smoke from the san bernadino fires is blowing right over anaheim, and i hear disneyland is right in the path. hwatever, i'm hard core... i'm gonna go anyway. ;-)

ok, time to go move some boxes. more updates (and photos, too!) a little later.


Max said...

hi jillian,
it�s max, from germany. Kathleen said that we should get in touch about her homepage. I couldn�t find your email, here, so i�m trying that way to reach you.
hope to hear from you!
cheers, max