Friday, March 22, 2002


so, the other day i got my hands on about 5 tracks from the new trey anastasio cd that comes out next month.

yeah, yeah, i know... i shouldn't download unreleased albums off the net, blah blah blah... i say screw it. i want to hear the new stuff and i fully intend to buy the album when it comes out, so whatever.

so anyway... after hearing these songs, i'm really looking forward to this cd! these are great, concise, well done studio tracks with a lot of energy and focus. i think, if you enjoyed seeing (or hearing) any of the summer 2001 trey shows, you'll probably like the album (of course, i can only speak for 5 tracks, but you know what i mean).

although, hearing new trey material only makes me think of phish and how much i miss them.


miss ellen said...

i'm actually very excited about hearing the new disc - of course, i would like NOTHING BETTER than for phish, in it's entirety, to come back full force, but hey, might as well appreciate the good stuff that comes out of this hiatus.........
but, yeah, please come back soon ;-)