Tuesday, March 26, 2002

i *heart* the osbournes

i swear to god, the osbournes is my new favorite show!! i nearly choked on my popcorn, i was laughing so hard. maybe it's the prolific use of the word wanker, which is possibly one of the funniest words ever, especially when said in an english accent.

on another note, i am broke. i'm still looking for a "real" job, but i'm not having much luck. i still have my campus job, and i've got a lot of hours right now, but i only get paid monthly, which makes things really difficult. for example - once all my checks clear, i will have 3 dollars. which means, until i get paid in 2 weeks, i can't spend any money. none . i did, however, find out that there is a used clothing store downtown that buys stuff and pays you on the spot... so i'm going to dig through my closet and my shoe boxes and drag some stuff down there. if i'm lucky i'll make enough for some groceries. ;-)


laura said...

be careful jillian! i lost my entire dvd collection and many of my cd's that way - but when you need money, you need money :-)