Tuesday, January 22, 2002


so, i finally saw the lord of the rings.... hot damn, what a great movie. seriously, i was not bored for even one second. i can't read tolkien (i don't like his style of writing) but his stories always intrigued me, so i'm jsut excited that i finally will know what's in those damn books!! of course, you never know, i may read them after all... i'm dying to know what they left out of the movie. ;-)

i also saw orange county. when i told people i wanted to see it, they all responded with distaste... but my answer was always, "well... i lived there." this of course, is why i had to see the movie... i lived in orange county! for two years!! and i, like the main character, had an overwhelming urge to just GET OUT.
the movie was ok... it was a funny caricature of the people in orange county. although, there are a few people living down there that are just like the people in the movie. no fooling.

on a completely different note, loveline is super cool.