Friday, January 18, 2002

end of an era

yes, i am sad about the end of the x-files, simply because it's become an institution in my life... i mean, the show started when i was a freshman in highschool and i've been watching it religiously for years (hell, i'm even shelling out the $$ to have the series on dvd).

on the other hand, it really is about time the show ends. it's not nearly as good without mulder, and not just because i think he's dead sexy! mulder really was the focal point of the show, and without him... well, it's just not as good.

so, all in all, i'm glad chris carter is giving himself time to tie up loose ends and really make the end of the series good. i'll be looking forward to the movie, though!!


Mike said...

I'm so glad I follow the links in my stats (gotta love BlogSnob), I have found a fellow X File lover :-) However it is good that it's ending, I've never before felt that a show is being drawn out like the X Files has been.