Wednesday, January 30, 2002


ooh, i didn't have rehearsal this afternoon so now i have some time to kill! prepare for disconnected, random drivel!!

my pal ericalynn has a new, pretty design and is back blogging with a vengeance. also, i got linked by the lovely jennifer of missing letters. hooray for new links, and old links re-invented!

so, i got season four for christmas. i wanted to go through all the seasons in order as i got them, but i fell really behind, so lately i've been watching a lot of vintage x-files. man, those first few seasons were so great... some of the banter beteween mulder and scully is absolutely brilliant. i just started season three, and i jsut watched one of my favorite all-time episodes... d.p.o., the one about the kid who can control lightning, or as donna called it, the mrs. kiveat episode. i knew it had giovanni ribisi, but imagine my surprise when all of a sudden i see jack black! it was pretty cool... i love jack black (it's all about the d, baby) so i'm always glad to see him in... well.. anything. i think his performance on snl was great.

i just started reading i'm not stiller by max frisch. it was a birthday gift from yan, who had nothing but praise for it... and so far i'd have to agree. i've only read about 30 pages but so far i'm totally interested in this story. plus i'm always excited to read new authors, since i'm exhausting all my current favorites... i think i've read everything margaret atwood has ever written. ;-)

something exciting i forgot to mention... last week i submitted my 'announcement of candidacy' form. this sounds uneventful, but what it means is that i'll be getting my diploma! yup, i'm officially graduating!! it's very exciting. i never thought i'd be so excited about turning in a form. ;-)

ok, time for work.


ericalynn said...

congrats, baby. you absolutely rawk.