Wednesday, January 30, 2002

adventures in phila.

ok, so here are my disjointed thoughts and ramblings that i scribbled into my palm during my trip, plus bits of info here and there that i'm adding. ;-)

but first i want to thank my wonderful friend ericalynn, her roommate jill and little yellow guy for being great hosts and making me feel at home. you guys rock.

so, i've decided that i hate airports. they just freak me out and transform me into a big bundle of nerves, and i'm always really tense.

after sleeping in, we all piled into the car and set off for worchester, ma. it took less time to get there than it takes to get to l.a., but we went through 5 states - pa, nj, ny, ct and ma. we drove on the new jersey turnpike, which all in all was really not too exciting, but it always makes me think of being john malkovich. we drove over the hudson rivier on the tappan zee bridge, and in the distance, i saw what could have been the nyc skyline although i would't have recognized ti anyway, having never seen ct, i saw it snow for the first time, which was really exciting

ROSELAND. i could just leave it at that, but i'll explain.




ugh, yet another dreaded trip to the airport! i actually got up at a decent hour, and me and jas headed into center city for an early lunch with ericalynn. i arrived at the airport around 12:30 only to discover that my flight had been cancelled! apparently, there was a huge blizzard in atlanta, wchich is where i was supposed to be going. at that point, i was very relieved that i hand't gone to the airport early to try to fly standby, like i had on my way out - i probably would have been stuck in atlanta! i begged the lady at the delta counter to get me back to cali that day, so, she got me on to a flight to salt lake city, which didn't leave until 6pm. so, with about 5 hours to kill, i bought a widow for one year by john irving