Monday, December 17, 2001

whee, i passed!

so, i passed all my classes this quarter! not like this is a huge surprise, i wasn't expecting to fail anything, but i choked on one of my finals and did reeeeallly bad on another and it's always such a nice feeling to know that i've passed all my classes.
i also love that i can take all my classes pass/no pass and not have to worry about grades. i've gotten fairly good evals (ucsc's grades) ever since i've been here, compared to the crappy grades i got at uci. i guess that's probably because i hated uci, and i love it here. hm.

i hope that this doesn't make me look like a scary stalker girl. i'm sure that by even mentioning it it makes me look more like a scary stalker girl. ;-) i'm not, really, i'm not. (shut up, yan, i know you're lauging at this right now.)

on two completely unrelated notes, it's fucking freezing here in santa cruz tonight (or should i say, this morning), and i prefer shakira's spanish tracks over the english tracks on her new album. discuss.