Monday, December 17, 2001

blast from the past.

so, a long long time ago, i had a friend named danny. we used to play in his backyard and make mud pies. he was my first boyfriend. we were five.

danny, at my sixth birthday party at bullwinkles.

look, it's me, back when i could pull off that haircut. snappy dresser, wasn't i?

there was one of us together but i couldn't find it.

i haven't spoken to him since sixth or seventh grade, and i've been wondering how he's been. i tried looking him up on the internet, but there are a ridiculous amount of dan levy's in this world.

today, in some strange stroke of luck, i came across his webpage! after a little detective work, i found his e-mail (how can someone have a web page with no e-mail address on it?!?) and i just sent a nice little note. i hope he writes back!!


Heather said...

Your page is just adorable....I love strawberry shortcake...and if the internet has smells...this would be my favorite place to go, because even after all these years...I can still imagine exactly how my strawberry shortcake doll smelled. I even have a cat named Pitter-Pat. Anyway I was wondering if I could link to your page??