Sunday, December 23, 2001

packing sucks

packing sucks.

i'm always totally freaked out that i'm going to forget something important, or that if i take something that i really like, i'll lose it. it doesn't help that i'm going somewhere cold (or at least colder than i'm used to) because it's making it harder!! ah well, it will all be totally totally worth it when i get to see erica lynn!

so, the little shindig last night was fun. of course, there was a ridiculous excess of food, but that's always to be expected. the only thing i'm kinda sad about was that we didn't get to do any singing, but there were no tenors and it would have sounded not so good. maybe next year. it was great, though, to see the old crowd. angela, yan, serban, jeff, alex and donna... and new friends natasha and debbie. i was sorry that mrs. lee didn't make it - cynthia, we missed you! i wish i could see everyone more often... but of course it seems like the prediction is coming true... the only time we're all able to get together is at christmas and at weddings. it's a long time to wait, but i'm hoping that there are no weddings before next christmas - don't forget the 25 rule, everyone!!.

ok, it's 5:15, i've been awake for four hours, an i haven't even started my laundry yet. ugh. must go be productive.


Sara said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I hope you have a wonderful day surrounded by your family and friends~