Monday, December 3, 2001

i hate travel.


i always get so antsy when i try to buy something on priceline. i think it's the element of surprise.... not knowing what time you'll be flying, if your ticket will get accepted... etc etc. i hate it. so, i submit a request and then sit in front of my computer compulsively clicking the "check my offer status" button. it doesn't help that my expectations on how much it costs are ridiculously low - i always spend more than i had hoped, which bums me out, but i know that i'm still paying a lot less than if i did the whole thing some other way. oh well, whatever. all that matters it that i get to philly. ;-)

apparently it's the season to look up old high school people online. hi brian, hi amanda! good to hear from you guys!


erica lynn said...

jillie. i am *so* glad you are visiting me! you don't even understand how excited i am. for those of you who do not know how great this is - jillian and i 'met' online two years ago when we took part of a sort of secret santa thing; she was the one sending me my secret gifts and through that i found someone who was *so* much like me, it was scary. my west coast twin, if you will. and neither of us have been able to fly out to see one another but finally, after two years, she is able to come over here to spend new years with me, and i am *beyond thrilled.* i cannot *wait.*

donz said...

dammit, this is addictive. these little posty things are really cramping my making-english-paper-deadline style!!! heh heh.
my favorite part of your new layout is the frame that says "this space for rent." i don't know why that made me laugh, but it was really funny.
2 pages, one hour. can she do it?