Saturday, December 1, 2001

happy december!

long day today. work, more work, a play downtown and dinner at saturn. i'm looking forward to wrapping myself in polar fleece to watch snl.

i'm not sure where i found this but i laughed for a good five minutes solid. donna, you'll like this one.

i was sad to hear about the death of george harrison... but happy to read that it was peaceful. the beatles are one of my favorite goups, and it's very strange to think that they are half gone. i never really had a favorite beatle, but i noticed that lot of my favorite beatles songs are george songs. i'm glad that george chose to share his music with us.

it was grey and drippy all day today. welcome to december in california.


leblanc said...

hi jillian! is there java to make this site scratch and sniff?

donz said...

that is, i just tried to post and it gave me an error. ah well.
i wrote something clever and witty but now you just get the boiled down bitching that was disguised beforehand: only one sentence written of english paper due tomorrow morning, have three-hour dress rehearsal for opera scenes tonight and afterwards a two-hour round-trip drive to Toledo to pick up Jesse at the bus station. planning to collapse from pressure and exhaustion as soon as possible. joy.

Amanda said...

Hey Gillian,
It's Amanda Villegas from Lynbrook i was just looking up old drama people online and i found donna, nina and your websites! How cool! well anyway i just wanted to see how life was tell the other's i said hi!
love amanda