Friday, May 4, 2001

tonight was GREAT! me and

tonight was GREAT! me and samara (kisskiss!) had tickets for the queer fashion show up at porter. i met her in line, where we were joined by nora, david and maura. the show was fabulous... i'd try to describe it but it's one of those things that needs to be seen. ;-)

after the show we headed downtown to get some food. this random guy we had met at the fashion show was there, and he used a really bad pickup line on samara, who i must say was very gracious. after mild confusion, we got a table. we were loud and obnoxious (lots of talk about boobs, for some reason) so it was good thing the place was almost empty. we had the coolest waitress ever. when we were done, we decide to go to surf bowl, and headed out to the car. in the parking lot, we saw a car with the back door open, and four feet sticking out of it... there were people actually *doing it* in this car. it was pretty funny.
when we got down to the beach, surf bowl was closed, so we decided to go hot tubbung, but that didn't work out either, so samara, david and i headed down to the beach.

now, santa cruz doen't have a great night life, but we do have some great beaches. the three of us walked down a path and ended up on the cliff between the boardwalk and harbor. it was an amazing veiw, and we hung out there for a while... at this point it was 1 am! we ventured down to the edge and took a few photos... well, david and samara sat down there for a while, but since i'm such a chicken, i mostly stayed close to the fence (cliffs and nighttime and oceans don't really mix for me!). it was amazing... quiet, tranquil and absolutely gorgeous.

i was out much too late, but every moment of tonight was worth it.