Sunday, May 6, 2001

long day yesterday. i went

long day yesterday. i went to my friend cindy's wedding, which was nice. i ran into some people i havent seen since high school... it was very weird. cindy looked great... and very happy. i got a photo with her to add to my wedding book, so i'm glad. i always feel kinda bad asking, because weddings are so crazy, and i'm sure that after a while, the bride gets sick of having her photot taken, but i'm always glad after the weddings when i get my film developed.

after that, i drove to west valley and caught the end of a play there.. i was meeting up with some friends from ucsc. after that, a few of us headed over to david's house in los gatos. me and samara were there until 2:30 am... and then david and samara headed back to santa cruz. i was very happy that i only had to drive across town and not all the way back to sc.