Wednesday, March 7, 2001

i am very, very excited

i am very, very excited about the mockingbird foundation phish tribute album. i mean, check this out...

"contributors include michael ray and cosmic krewe, merl saunders and his funky friends, little feat, jimmy buffett, arlo guthrie and xaviar, gordon stone trio (with russ lawton, from the trey solo tour), amfibian (featuring tom marshall), son seals and rebecca stone, dj logic with john scofield, the tom tom club, the boredoms, lake trout, hot tuna, and fred (the international champion barbershop quartet), plus members of los lobos, the grateful dead, jefferson airplane, pavement, and more!"

actually, you can go to the dj logic page and listen to his rendition of cars, trucks, buses, which is spectacular!!

on top of the fact that it has an amazing lineup, all the proceeds go to charity. coool.