Wednesday, January 10, 2001

so, i drove back to

so, i drove back to san jose tonight in the pouring rain because my mom's neighbor was nice enough to give her two tickets to amtsj's production of copacabana.
yeah, that's right, the barry manilow musical.
now, normally, amtsj puts on a pretty good show, and every theater kid in the valley dreams of doing a show there. granted, i have issues with the sound in that theater... but i digress.
the show blew. it was horrible. to put it bluntly, it sucked frozen hosewater. there was barely polite applause (with the excption of the drunk person sitting in house right who kept going, "go lola!!" and "wooooo!") and i felt bad for the actors. i know this all sounds catty but as a theater girl, i have this innate need to critique everything i see.
so anyway, if you live in sj - i've given you fair warning! ;-)