Tuesday, January 9, 2001

so i didn't go to

so i didn't go to the gym today. anyone surprised??
hell no, i'm not surprised. ;-) i always say i'm gonna go but i never do. my legs are too damn sore from modern dance anyway. damn that dance class... i'm lovin' it, but it's soo hard.

my faith in customer service was restored today - after spending a good 20 minutes on the phone with at&t, my phone bill finally got corrected (looong story!). when i asked if i was entitled to a refund, the guy i was talking to said, 'since you're so nice, i'm going to give you a $50 credit.'
um, wow, i think i was owed something like $3.27. maybe less.
he even said i was the most informed person he had ever talked to.

wow, society at large must be stupider than i thought. ;-)