Thursday, July 15, 2004

one more life mission, fulfilled

my two favorite singers when i was a kid were madonna and cyndi lauper. this is in, like '86 when they were both huuuuuge. i loved them both and i always said that i wanted to see them in concert.

in 2001, debbie and i got to see madonna in concert in oakland. it was totally last minute, but our seats ended up beig *great*. it was a fantastic show.

and tonight, i'm going to see cyndi lauper in saratoga with my mom and my sister!! i am so excited... i can check something off my 'before i die' list!

the really cool thing is that the place we're going tonight is one of the best places to see a concert... small, outdoors, great acoustics... and since i've always thought that cyndi was a far better singer than madonna, it's perfect. i don't even care if she does 'girls just wanna have fun' ... i really want to hear 'time after time', or 'all through the night', or 'when you were mine' - 3 of my fave cyndi songs ever. ;-)