Saturday, February 21, 2004

good times.

there is nothing like a little vacation to get your mind off depressing things!

this time last week i was in west hollywood eating insane amounts of sushi and celebrating donna's birthday. i flew in friday, partied saturday, went to disneyland on sunday, was exhausted on monday, flew home on tuesday, got my phone, stayed at my parent's due to awful weather, and got back to my own bed on wednesday night. it was defiently good times all around.

we got donna a great group gift - a photo album full of photos from the past year or so that we've taken on our digital cameras, with empty spaces so we could add photos as we went along. i brought my great little HP photosmart 245, which was perfect... small enough to fit in my backpack, takes all kinds of memory cards and no computer required! i printed a TON of photos on one cartridge (probably 70+ but i didn't keep track). if you're looking for a photo printer, i'd highly reccomend it... it's only 200 bucks!

i was very excited to go to disneyland with all my buddies, although i'd say that 8 poeple at disneyland is difficult to say the least... mostly becasue no one can make up their minds. plus it was HELLA CROWDED. whatever, it was a holiday weekend and we got in for free!! minor bickering aside, we had a great time and everyone got to do what they wanted (for the most part).

i also got a great print by one of my favorite artists, SHAG. it's a commemorative print for the 40th anniversary of the tiki room. ( i wish i could find a scan of it online... my scanner's not big enough!) there was a shirt and a purse too, but i managed to control myself. this guy is fantastic, go check his stuff out.

so the vacation was great, except now i'm seriously, SERIOUSLY poor. all my christmas money is gone, which really sucks. oh well, at least i have tivo and a bunch of knitting to keep me busy!