Wednesday, January 21, 2004

sleep is my favorite thing.

i just woke up. it's 10 to 1 in the afternoon. it's officialy the start of a great day!!!

a great day is defined, of course, by whether or not i had to wake up to an alarm clock. i hate alarm clocks, i think they are evil, and i'd like to throw mine out the window. i'm all for sleeping untl i wake up on my own, which is one of the greatest feelings. when i do, i usually sleep 10 hours. ten hours!!! i'm 25 and i still need 10 hours of sleep to feel rested! this annoys me because there is so much to do every day and i almost never get 10 hours of sleep which means i'm tired a lot. but not today!!!!!!

today i am 25 and one week. my birthday was great. first i went to work, which is normally not a good thing to do on your birthday, but i needed hours really bad so it was actually a good thing! then i drove to san jose, where me, my mom and my friend debbie went to e&o for dinner. if you live in the bay area, you really should go there... the food is great and the corn fritters are to die for! then, after a little snarl up with dessert (long story short, no dessert at all) we went over to the center for performing arts where we saw Dreamgirls starring FRENCHIE DAVIS!!!!!

oh. my. god. she was amazing. this is the first time i've really ever heard her sing for longer than a soundbyte and she is even more amazing than i thought she'd be. i read in the paper that she got a record deal, and i can't wait to go buy it! i'll buy two!! she is seriously awesome. ;-)

and back to today... i have a nice list of stuff to do and i'm gonna get started... and i WILL NOT get sucked into my tivo. ;-) HA. fat chance. but at least i can fold towels at the same time!!


D said...

ARGH! I am SO sorry I missed your birthday! I'm so glad you had a nice one, though... hooray for starting your twenty-fifth year on a wonderful note!
*hugs* :)

schmoo said...

UM, yeah, sleep is good. Unfortunately I did NOT get enough last night and woke up having nightmares....?! Not cute. Think I'll post about them...
call me sometime, foo!