Monday, January 5, 2004

new year, baby

aaah, 2004. you know you're getting older when you can actually remember how you spent new year's eve ten years ago (at a party at deanna's house, sans boyfriend, who was in tahoe and who called at midnight.) scary.

this year new year's was a four day event of sorts... we rang in 2004 in grand, santa cruz style, dancing at the blue lagoon. it was great - good music, cheap, and not too crowded! everyone got kisses at midnight, and eventually we made it back to my house where a few more folks joined us and everyone just talked and ate and drank until we all dropped ourselves into beds and couches around 4 am.

new year's day we had breakfast (at 2pm) at the santa cruz diner. we all agree that they have the best hashbrowns ever. when we got back to my house we realized how bad it smelled (i think the whiskey jeff brought had something to do with that) so we opened the windows and cleaned everything up. later that night a few of us met at the mercado and saw mona lisa smile. on friday we played cranium, ate obscene amounts of pizza and watched pirates. saturday i did a little shopping, had luch at miyake's with d and d (d squared) and then went to work. (and now it's monday and i feel like i'm still recovering.)

the only problem i have with the new year is that everyone makes such a big deal about it being a new start, when it really isn't. i always hype myself up about all the changes i'm going to make in the new year, and i only dissapoint myself when i can't (or just don't feel like) making those changes. that doesn't mean that i'm not going to make 'resolutions' this year... i am, i'm just going to go about it differently this time. i bought myself a notebook, and each month i'm going to pick one small goal for myself. the point will be to build one good habit each month and then maintain them. if i can make at least two good habits i'll feel like i actually accomplished something. ;-)