Monday, December 29, 2003


where does the time go??

all of a sudden christmas has come and gone, and now it's creeping up on new years and yet again we (me & the high school buddies) have no concrete plans for new years eve. some things never change. ;-)

i've been having fun playing with the best present ever, and i'm still cleaning up after the party i threw saturday - my annual holiday party. the last one was a bit of a dud (everyone was sick), and last year we couldn't nail down a date that everyone could do, so no party. this year, however, was fab, we ate tons of food, traded gifts, played games, sang songs, and ground some chocolate into my couch. ;-) but all ended well and we had a great time. who knows, we might even break a record for my little house and have two parties here in one week. we'll see what happens on the 31st!

good news on teh job front, too - my boss told me today that i'm one of the seasonals they want to keep on after the first of the year. this is great news becasue i am quickly running out of money! i'll only be part time, but i'm gonna file for unemplyment and that will hopefully help pay for some of the bills. and you know, it's really nice to have a job that i don't DREAD going to every morning, so hanging on to it for a while longer will be cool. plus, i have a little crush on one of the other seasonals, and i'm hoping he's staying on after new year's too. i still don't know his last name or how old he is, so i could use a little more time to work on it :-)