Monday, September 1, 2003

so.... tired....

i hate labor day because it's the end of the summer, but i love it because fun things always happen on 3 day weekends!

i spent my free time this year at the church retreat, which was great. a carnival, a variety show, scary men in grass skirts going by the names of ugg and other ugg (no kidding!) and the best part of camp... prank wars! the girls started off by removing the door to the boys cabin and hiding it. plans to t.p. the boys cabin were ruined by a locked door and , and then the boys struck back by removing all the mattresses from the beds in our cabin and placing them in our bathroom. our attempt to string their cabin was foiled (and we were almost done, too!!) and by then the weekend was over. we've got some great tricks up our sleeves for next year though! ;-)

i was up really late both nights, so i was going to go to sleep early tonight, but then i just happened to see a commercial saying that they're premeiring john mayer's new video tonight at 11. guess i'm going to bed at 11 now. *sigh*. i never get enough sleep!