Sunday, September 7, 2003

proof that MTV isn't totally worthless

john mayer's new CD doesn't come out for 2 more days, but i've been listening to it all day today, in it's entirety, thanks to MTV.

you can't tell by my writing, but right now i'm nearly hyperventilating, i'm so excited.

ok, not really hyperventilating, but i'm still SO STOKED (as my 9th grade science teacher used to say!).

i really like all the tracks... i may end up liking some even more than i do right now, but i won't know until i see the lyrics... great lyrics can make even the most beautiful music better.

anyway, go take a listen yourself!

john mayer - heavier things

i reccommend homelife, clarity, and daughters. take a look at the video while you're there too... my friend danny is in it! ;-)


Shawn said...

"Home Life" is my favorite song on that album. I'm also loving "New Deep" and "Only Heart."