Friday, July 11, 2003

back in the saddle again...

so, i have been taking an extended break from the internet, as well as an extended break from the gym, form reading, from sleeping, and from laughing. but i am back. i feel like i have things to say, and i hate that i am not writing stuff down due to sheer laziness and not wanting to put in the effort of typing. i don't care so much if people read this... to me it's a good way to keep track of what i've been up to... someday i'll go back and read all this suff and remember the little details and be happy that i made the effort.

common ground tour this year was great! tour, for those of you who don't know, is when i hop on a bus with 40 other people, mostly teenagers, and drive for long periods of time. oh, yeah, we do concerts every night, too, since we're a youth choir, but tour is really defined by the bus. we went all the way to Vancouver and back in 9 days!! this year was my third year as an adult sponsor, and the whole thing was positively amazing. i did the choir for 3 years back in high school, so in a way, this year feels like my senior year all over again. i feel like i'm closer to a lot of the kids this year than i ever was with anyone when i was in the choir, which is kinda weird. but a lot of my 'favorite' kids have graduated, so they won't be back next year, which is a little sad. but this tour was definetly one of the best i've ever been on.

going back to work sucked. found out that one of my friends got promoted. this is good for him, he's a good guy and a hard worker, and he deserved it. bad news is that they moved him to another office. sad for me since he was the one person at work i would actually consider a friend. boo-hoo. working weekends now. that helped a lot this week, but just sucks in general. getting up early on saturday AND sunday sucks frozen hose water. that's enough about that.

saw phish the last two nights. i'd just like to say that PHISH RULES. these shows were especially exciting becasue i can remeber a time not so long ago when i wasn't sure if i'd ever see a phish show again. although they were not the best shows i've seen, they were both good, solid shows and i had a blast.
wednesday, saw the show with d. this is the first time we've seen a phish show together since 98. we walked on te lawn just as the show started... it was great timing. it was a great show... I especially enjoyed Bathtub Gin, the new song (Scents and Subtle Sounds) and boogie on reggae woman. that and the AC/DC bag. i love a good AC/DC Bag. ;-) made it out of the lot in record time... made it back to my parents house before midnight. miracle!
thursday, debbie, jon, katlynn and i went out about 4 pm so we could hang out in the lot for a while. it was katlynn's first show, which was exciting. i made her an apron top and bought her a ticket for her graduation/19th birthday present. the shirt turned out remarkably well since i was making it up as i went along, and started working on it 2 hours before i was supposed to pick her up! the lot was cool... they actually had an aisle set up for vending... which was way cool since the cops always used to bust people for it. maybe they finally realized that it was going to happen no matter what. debbie got a cool mango shirt, and bought me and katlynn pretty hemp/flower/ribbon wreaths for our hair. ran into some pb's, and one of my friends from ucsc, which was way cool. we staked out a great spot on the lawn close to the center... we could see the screen and the lights. i thought it was a great show... i was excited to hear lawnboy and divided sky. debbie totally called dwd right before it happened, which was totally cool. and the rift encore was awesome, and i thought ofericalynnthrough the whole thing. all in all, it was a good night, and katie enjoyed the show, which made me happy.

tonight was not nearly exciting... i watched the wedding planner on tv and had a smoothie for dinner. now i'm anxiously awaiting monday night, when i will drive up to concord to see john mayer and counting crows in concert!!! one of the reasons i love summer is all the great shows that come to the bay area... i just wish that i had more money and free time to check them all out... just like i wish that i didn't have to get up tomorrow morning for work.


Dyanna said...

Hiya! I missed reading you and am so glad you're back! While you were away, I got rid of the old domain and am now at Take care, and have a great weekend! :)

leblanc said...

i've missed you too, and wondered if you were there last week..... keep writing!!