Thursday, May 8, 2003

where does the time go??

man, one day i blink and all of a sudden it's may? what the hell?

and what the hell is with this weather? it rained today. rain in may? come on.

life is still working, working, working. there are times when i wish i had a life. but other time, i love the fact that after an exhausting day at the job from hell, i can come home, make some mac and cheese, and read, or watch tv without worrying about anyone else. it's a nice feeling.

after way too much time troubleshooting, i am writing this post with zempt! i can't believe how long it took me to set up an offline blogging client, considering how often my computer crashes, which subsequently causes me to lose posts. normally it's annoying, but now that i have so little 'free time', i never feel like re-typing.

i got my e-mail from phish the other day, telling me that i got all the tickets i mail-ordered for. this is v. exciting, since i didn't get mail order last time. plus me and D get to see phish together for the first time since 1998!

D also go tix to see coldplay, but i have tickets to see champions on ice the same night. i chose champions on ice. geeky, arent' i?

things are looking good for our memorial day bbq, too. we're doing it on saturday, because we figure that it will be less crowded. should be fun... good friends, good food, and hopefully by the end of the month we'll have some sun! and i learned my lesson last time... i'll wear lots of sunscreen this year!!!


miss ellen said...

yay! so many people got Phish tix this time. i got 3 of 4, but the missing one is Atlanta, which seems to be the HOT ticket of the tour..... ?

gabe said...

hey, could you email me? I'm looking for lynbrook connections...