Monday, April 21, 2003


i am a big slacker.

for example, i did not file my taxes until april 15th. as if that wasn't bad enough, i didn't even do them until about 11 am on the 15th.

i was totally going to do my taxes early. i mean, why not? why put off getting all my money back, and really, how hard can it be?


another example - this new design has been done for about 4 days, and i just didn't put it up.

i am determined not to be a slacker tomorrow, though.... the back bedroom in my house has recently been vacated for the first time in over a year, and i am reclaiming it as my office, and i have a lot of furniture to move! i managed to cram one of the couches in there, i got a new bookshelf, and i'm moving a table and an end table from the living room. plus the tv and computer are moving, too. i'm hoping that the absence of electronic distractions in my bedroom will help me sleep better.

my bedroom's getting a makeover, too... i splurged at target and bought some new bedding. it was expensive, so i'm keeping it in the packages in case it goes on clearance sometime soon. all i need now is a big cushy chair and an ottoman. mmm, ikea, anyone?


Addie said...

Ahhh.... I wish I was at the beach...

meegan said...

great sheets! very fun.

Dyanna said...

I love you for posting recently! :)

paisley said...

it's a blog love-in
baby!! and i love me some you!!!

Jenny Butler said...

hi jillian... I'm lame and don't have your email address. Please send it to me. Hope you're doing well and look forward to talking to you soon.