Wednesday, September 18, 2002


it's been a busy and expensive week. i've been working my ass off at 'the job', which is good because i'm making a lot of money (and getting paid weekly, yay) but this is bad because i've even been working on my days off. today was a day off, which was really a morning off, since i went to work at 12, and it doesn't even really count because i slept through most of it. though, considering the general lack of sleep i've been getting, and the fact that i don't get to sleep in for another week, it was probably a good way to spend my time.

let's see... went to greg and lexi's wedding on friday... got to see lot of people i haven't seen in a while. the wedding was lovely, and the reception was a blast. saturday jason and danny were visiting from la, so a bunch of us went to lucnh at chevys and then went to the mall. i hadn't been to valley fair for a while, so it was fun. i got the name of a salon here in sc that does aveda haircoloring, so i'm saving up to become a redhead (finally) and i went in to bare escentuals to get a makover, which was not a great idea (financially, at least). i asked the girl to show me the mineral stuff i've been seeing on qvc lately, partially because i was curious to see if it really was amazing as everyone says, partially because my mom wanted some and she wanted to know if it worked. well, she did half my face with the makeup and showed me the difference and i was sold. i spent 80 bucks on foundation, the mineral veil, and two brushes without even flinching (ok, maybe i flinched a little). add that to the new printer i bought last week, and i'm poor again. good thing i get paid tomorrow!

plus, the other day i was caller 5 on KMBY and i won ticket to ren faire! i've never won anything off the radio before, so it was super exciting! that station has gotten way better in the past month or so... it used to be just crappy 'new' bands that all sound the same, but now there's more 'classics' like nirvana and offspring and beck and stp and weezer. and good new bands like system of a down. they could play more pearl jam, though. you hear that?? more pearl jam!!! and start playing loveline again! live 105 over in the bay area has gotten better too... it's like a rock renaissance.

good music things: i like the french kicks. and the new weezer song. and the new songs by christina and justin (gotta love that pop music!). and did i mention that i love the new coldplay cd? that and guster. good stuff.


bored donna said...

ooh. new printer. we NEED one. our family has never owned a laser printer. what? what? how can we have SIX computers in the house (sick. sick.) and one crappy old HP printer?
hm. days off... wish i had some... now i only truly have one day off, on saturday, since i'm teaching all day sunday. though i still don't work as many hours as you! crazy.
love coldplay. LOVE. new album ROCKS.

Imelda said...

Oh man, KMBY starting to play good stuff??? Beck?? Damn, why do they start playing the good stuff after I stop interning there. Bummer.
Ah well, the Coldplay album's fantastic!!

leblanc said...

i loooooove bare escentuals :-)
and i have a link to the BEST coldplay CD on my site.... those guys can really spin.
smoooches ;P