Monday, September 9, 2002

sleep is precious, man.

so, having a job is great and all that, but working 7am to 6pm sucks frozen hose water.

actually, it's not nearly as bad as i thought it was going to be, but 11 hours at work (with a luch hour, of course) is still a really long time. i keep telling myself over and over, 'money is good. money is good. money is good.' see. the way it works out, i work 44 hours a week, and 12 of them count as overtime. so, basically, i work 4 extra hours a week and make an extra 100 bucks. an extra $100 a week!!! yeeah. like i told d, i'll die of exhaustion, but at least i'll die rich.

i think i'm paraniod about sleeping through my alarm, though, because i haven't slept through a night since i started my new job.


Shawn said...

11 hours! I could never make that! However, an extra $100 isn't all too bad.
Boy, I do need a job! :sigh: