Sunday, May 19, 2002

the end...

well, that's it... the end of the x-files.

i'm kind of.... numb. that's really the only way i can describe it. i don't think the fact that i won't be curled up on my couch in 3 or 4 months watching the season opener has sunken in yet. it's one of those things, where you've been doing something for so long, you're not quite sure what you're going to do once it's over.

i started watching the x-files sometime towards the tail end of season two. i remember being in the youth room at church, looking at episode synopsis printouts that my friend vanessa had brought with her, and i think that had something to do with my initial interest in the show, although it's been so long now i really can't say how long it's been or how long i've actually been watching.

during high school, i remember staying home on friday nights to watch with my sister. i remember being on the edge of the couch, biting my nails during anasazi, the season two closer, wondering if mulder was really burning up in that underground train car. i remember screaming at what looked like a real cockroach crawling across my tv screen in war of the coprophages. i remember being scared shitless during home (which was so freaky that they only aired it on network tv once after that... on halloween 99, and i watched it then, too). i remember being thrilled when i found out my college roommate was also a huge fan of the show. i remember sitting in our dorm room, in the dark, watching every week, and the next year, sitting in the condo, watching every week. i saw the movie opening weekend. i hung the framed movie poster in my living room. i started buying the dvd box sets. and i kept watching every week.

plain and simple, the show sucked me in, and kept me riveted. it had everything. comedy, drama, suspense, romance, cool storylines and great acting. i'm re-watching the series, in order, and there are a few shows i missed the first time around, but even the ones i've seen several times keep me interested and intrigued.

i'm sad to see it go, but at the same time, relieved. although i enjoyed some of the stuff that was going on with dogget and reyes, mulder and scully were the x-files. their relationship held the show together, and without that, it just wasn't the same. still good, still interesting, but not the same.

the series ender was great. seeing mulder again was awesome. having everything wrapped up and explained was nice, too. the best part though, was the scene in the hotel room, which i recognized as almost identical to a scene from the pilot episode. my sister caught that it was reversed, and when i watched the pilot after the end of the finale (for closure, i guess), i noticed that the outside shot of the hotel room was identical. that was a nice touch, and a nice way to close the series.

overall, it was a damn good nine years of tv. i wish it could have been longer. i'm sure i'll be watching my dvd's often, and i can't wait for the movie(s), but i'm not quite sure what i'm going to do on sunday nights anymore.


Dyanna said...

You make me wish I'd watched the show on a reghular basis... now I regret that I didn't!

Marcie said...

i totally agree with you that it is sad that the x-files is over now, but kind of glad because the show definitely isn't exactly what it was before. But i look forward to the movies none the less :)