Tuesday, January 15, 2002

yummy food.

thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes... i had a great day!! i got to go to see all my church friends at the planning meeting for our youth choir (which went very well, i might add) and then debbie and john took me out to dinner at this great place called the e&o trading company. it was wonderful... we had these great corn fritters, naan (which is some sort of flatbread), lettuce cups, these little egg roll things, chicken with peanut sauce and these absolutely amazing mushrooms that were by far the highlight of the evening. it was great. plus, debbie got me one of those cool spin-brush toothbrushes, and it's a mermaid!! fun!

today was good too, becasue me and jean and angela went to a west african dance class! it was really really fun, but we all got worn out before it was over. we were so bummed about that fact that we deceided to be gym buddies and set up times to go to the gym together three days a week. this is great because i like the gym but i just can't go by myself, so having other people around to motivate me will help a lot. plus jean knows all about weight lifting so she can teach me some - i really want to work on my arms.

after the dance class, me and jean ordered out sushi... it was wonderful, but now i'm in a semi food coma, not to mention worn out from the dance class, so i think i'm going to go crawl into bed. mmmmm, bed.


ericalynn said...

i have one of those mermaid spin brushes too! jill thought it would be really funny to surprise me with one of those the day you left to go back to cali, actually. now you can brush your teeth knowing that i am doing it the same way :) haha! (isn't the toothbrush sort of revealing? the on-off switch is so strategically placed, for instance...nothing like brushing your teeth using a spinning half naked woman, no?)

schmoo said...

i suck. i keep glimpsing the phone as i whiz by in my insane life and it seems to be stretching out towards me, saying CALL JILLIAN CALL JILLIAN CALL JILLIAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNN.
but there are others who have different plans fr my time. like the evil gods of English 430 and English 483, and the evil gods of choir, who force me to be in dress rehearsals for dumb concerts this weekend, and many many other very evil gods, each with its own plan to ruin my life and keep me from calling you.
but i will.