Monday, January 7, 2002

x-files... drool

delayed reaction - last night's x-files was amazing. seriously. i've learned my lesson regarding spoilers, so i won't go into detail, but i thought it was great.

so, i just got the crap scared out of me... all of a sudden there's a noise in my hallway and i see people coming towards me...
it's jean and my friend samara, who i haven't seen in months and months! i was so excited! me and samara did prom last june, and we like to go out and do all kinds of fun girlie things. i actully owe her sushi, so i get to go up to napa someday soon. ;-)


richa said...

great site. i love the domain name. i missed sunday's x-files even though i taped it. i accidently taped over it. oh well. i'll catch it in re-runs. take care!