Monday, January 28, 2002


no, this isn't a photo of me up in tahoe or in the mountians... it's a picture of me next to the theater/music parking lot at ucsc.

at first it was hail, but then it turned into snow, and nearly the whole campus was all white and crunchy. it lasted long enough for me to go home and get my camera and drive back up to campus... i took a few photos... you can see them here.

it almost never snows in this part of california, so the snow today surprised a lot of people, including me. the funniest thing about this is that while i was back east, i saw it snow, but it didn't even compare to this. strange!!


donz said...

Ha. Ha ha ha. Ha ha. I laugh at your piddly excuse for snow. You want snow? I'll show you SCHNEE....

just kidding. i think i'd die if i were in california and saw something like that. a friend told me it snowed in sacramento, too? i was like, what what WHAT? WEIRD.

we've actually had amazing weather, as i told you. it was almost 60 last weekend. but it's gonna snow tomorrow. and it probably won't stop...
ah well. ttys.