Friday, January 25, 2002

damn you, baskin-robbins.

so, tonight i'm having a massive craving for a chocolate blast from baskin-robbins, so i decide to bite the bullet and drive to capitola to get one. i show up at 9:40, a full 20 minutes before they're supposed to close, and the punk-ass behind the counter says that he won't make me a blast because they've already cleaned everything, so they were doing scoops only.


ok, kiddies, i work retail and i know exactly what was going on there. if you are working a closing shift, you are always scheduled until 15-30 minutes after closing time to clean stuff up. these morons decided that it was slow and they wanted to leave at 10:05 instead of at 10:30. so they cleaned up everything so they could take off early.

well, they picked the wrong night to do this, because i really wanted that chocolate blast and now i'm pissed. as far as i'm concerned, if you're open until 10, somone can walk in at 9:59 and order something and if your doors aren't locked, you've got to give it to them. i'm pretty damn sure that it isn't store policy to stop serving everything but scoops at 9:30, and if for some strange reason it is, why the hell don't they tell you that when you call to see how late they're open?? i'm also pretty sure that the guys that were working tonight will get in big trouble when i call the store manager tomorrow and complain in a big way. they'd better give me free ice cream, too, dammit.

i mean, really, how hard is it to re-wash a fucking blender, anyway?

moral: don't fuck with a girl when she's having a chocolate craving or you will live to regret it.


laura said...

oh man! if that was me, i would have said, "ok, fine, but would you mind calling the owner of the store and explaining to them why you can't make me a chocolate blast 20 minutes before closing time? i'm sure he/she would love to hear your tale of woe. oh, and while i'm here, can i make an appointment to come back and get a chocolate blast when it's convenient for you, YOU LITTLE SHIT!"
but, umm, i'm a bitch. heh.

Shawn said...

"Um, excuse me Mister, but aren't you making a mess just serving scoops. After all, you'll have to clean the scoop, too. So since you're going to have to clean the scoop, it's not going to kill you to make me a blast." Can we say retards? I would have called management first think the next day and reported their bums. As much as you may hate the customer, without them, you wouldn't have a job. I'm shocked they just don't teach this anymore.
May they learn from their error of not giving you your chocolate.

Nephridel said...

The answer is simple: just lock the doors early too. I'm kind of indifferent about things like that, though it could be because there have been occasions where I've done the same thing: I work in a movie theatre and I'll take the nacho cheese down or the popcorn out early. But I can understand where you're coming from.

Thorswitch said...

That is just SO wrong... Did you talk to the store manager? I hope s/he bent over backwards to do something to make it up to you... the certainly should.
I've done enough time in food service myself to know how its supposed to work -- and that ain't it :(