Monday, November 19, 2001

this past weekend was apperently

this past weekend was apperently the my quarterly "support the arts" weekend.
friday i drove to oakland with debbie and john to see dark star orchestra. we left the concert at 1:30 am only to dicover that my car has been locked into a parking garage. thank goodness for jared and chris (two of the most awesome guys ever).
saturday i went to see a show up on campus that i did publicity design for, then i went directly to the catalyst to see the disco biscuits. i've missed them the last three times they've played here, and i don't think i'll be doing that again. i was nearly falling over from exhaustion and i couldn't bring myself to leave before the show was over. it was that good. ;-)
sunday i got to see ssc's winter show, gretel and hansel. it was a great show... and i even got to see part of it again today (the author is one of my professors, and she took us all to see the school show that was happeneing at the same time as our class.
needless to say, after that weekend, i'm really looking forward to a fairly laid back holiday. yay for thanksgiving... no school and some damn good food. ;-)