Wednesday, August 29, 2001

ugh, i've gone and fucked

ugh, i've gone and fucked up my internal clock. (i mean, come on, would i ever be up voluntarily at 5:30 am? i don't think so.) i've been staying up late and sleeping late recently, and then yesterday (today??) i slept until three in the afternoon becasue i had the worst headache ever. when i realized at 4 am that i was still reading anna karenina and i wan't the least bit tired, i figured i'd better force myself to stay up until tomorrow night so i can get back on track. i've actully been getting some stuff done... tweaking the new layout, doing laundry and dishes... it's amazing. i think in a little while i'm going to shower and go for a's so rare that i'm up in the morning that i figure i'd better enjoy it.