Saturday, May 26, 2001

well, i didn't get to

well, i didn't get to go out last night, but i did get to go out tonight, so i feel better. it was a different kind of night, not stuff i usually do. first i headed to a spy party where i knew only 4 people so it was kinda weird. then brendon wanted to go to the red room, where i had never been before. it was fun, i spent most of the time bitching with andy about our lame love lives. then we walked to the other end of pacific for last call at (of all places) pizza my heart. mmm. pinapple pizza.

on the way home i confided in meghan... i had to sit in my car for 15 minutes to psych myself up before i went into the party. i really am shy... once i get to know people i'm as crazy as the rest of the theater majors, but around a bunch of strangers? i'm a whimp.

and i had 2 messages when i got home. i feel popular.


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