Monday, May 28, 2001

today was a great day...

today was a great day... long, but great. outlet shopping with samara and jenny was a fantastic success - they were having a memorial day 50% off sale!! we all got something for prom... for those of you who knew me and my friends back in the day, it's basically deanna's senior prom dress in navy instead of red. for those of you who didn't know me... well, there will be pictures. i was really surprised at what an easy drive it was up to the city... maybe now i'll go more often. :-)

after shopping we headed to a memorial day bbq at jean, erik and l.b.'s house... it was a blast! i gave ariel my little digital and she took a whole bunch of photos... it's always so much more fun that way because when i get home and upload them it's a total surprise.

it's too bad i have to go back to school tomorrow.